P-Square wanunua ndege-Baba Godo and The Fans Done Settle I go No Lie!!!

 The sensational singing duo, Peter and Paul Okoye popularly called P Square have now acquired a private jet if what we gathered is anything to go by.

According to information, the award winning twins recently coughed out several millions of dollars to pick this private airbus from one of the Arabians.

And with their latest acquisition, Peter and Paul are now the biggest boys in the Nigerian music industry.

One of their tweets recently gave the duo out about their new acquisition.

“Jetting privately....thanks to God and the fans. You all made it possible. Baba Godo done settle us...I no go lie. Just included on our list...that very list......shhhhhh.”

” Peter tweetted a couple of hours ago.

If it’s not one of the publicity stunts, can authoritatively reveal that the multiple award winning hip-hop sensation, P-Square, have acquired a private jet!

That P-Square top the list of few of the Nigeria’s new generation music stars, who are making money from music, is a known fact. With landed properties in Jos, Port Harcourt and their newly built Lagos mansion worth N400 million, it’s no doubt that the dynamic duo are in the millionaires club.

The P-Square duo has two Sequioa Sports Utility Vans (SUVs), one hummer SUV, truck bus, Toyota Altima among other automobiles.

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