Born in Uganda 1980, Mad Ice started his career in 1998 as a young Mc and singer performing on various talent shows and singing covers in hotels while composing his own songs at the same time. By the end of 2002 he started recording his debut album in Dar es salaam,Tanz...ania. The album BABY GAL was released 2003 and its title song became one of the biggest 1 hit song of all times in East Africa staying on top of the charts for months on many radio stations. That led to a long and successful career locally and internationally. In 2004 Mad Ice got signed to a Finnish record label which in 2005 released his first European album MAD ICE in Finland. Since then he shifted his base to Finland where he regularly performs with his band on both Pop/Rock and world music stages. Mad Ice's unique mix of Afro-groove, pop and soul combined with his energetic and cheerful personality leave no one cold on his live performances. In a country dominated by rock music, still his performances are exceptional and appreciated by any audience. Mad Ice's second European album MANENO or over all the third was released in 2007 and featured songs like “Wange” 1 hit single 2005 -2006 East Africa, “Malaika” loved Afro-groove version of one of the most known African traditional songs and “Nionyeshe njia” single that made Mad Ice to be recognized also as a talented songwriter in the International Songwriting Competition USA 2007, when the song went through to the semifinals in the world music category. MANENO album is available on all major online stores worldwide incl. Itunes . Mad Ice's music can also be found not only on African radio playlists but also on several European radio stations. 

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